Goudrons et vestiges - peintures de Fabienne Quinsac

Fabienne Quinsac
informal painting









Acrylic paintings - Planets and hellfires

Marine Constructions

Planets & Hellfires

Red & Black

Black Series


Grey & Red

Days of Snow

The Aprons




Pinks masts - watercolor - marine art

Terrestrial Architectures

Marine Art



tar paintings

The Remnants

Colored Tar

Bubbling Blues



French painter Fabienne Quinsac's curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet

How a painting evolves











































































































"Architecture is a recurring theme in my work. You find it in watercolor as well as in tar paintings, often in eroded shapes, as in these Remnants. Here, the architectural structures become more and more broken in favor of large spaces of abstract parts that suggest elements of landscapes: rocks, plants, bodies of water."

Tar Paintings & Remnants

Tar and mixed technique,

early and mid-2000's


French painter Fabienne Quinsac in her studioThe technique of tar "has been used by some major artists of the 20e century. It is characterized by the high viscosity of the material and the lack of tinting strength. It gets more adaptable when it is heated a little or diluted with water", wrote Fabienne Quinsac.

"The mix with an aqueous medium being unstable, it is possible, in some situations, to obtain the impression of a flexible vegetation (especially branches and roots)."



Yang & Yin painting

Yang and Yin

diptych 110x74 cm   (tar and red earth on panel)





POSEIDON - tar painting


60x80   (tar and acrylic on panel)   2005
(private collection)




Great Abracadabra, by French contemporary painter Fabienne Quinsac

Great Abracadabra

111x146 cm   (tar on panel)   1400




Boat painted with tar


69x99 cm   (tar on cardboard)   900




Tokyo / Chaotic Links - tar painting

Tokyo / Liens chaotiques (Tokyo / Chaotic Links)

60x80 cm   (tar on cardboard)   400




The Remnants


The Remnants series - Tar on cardboard painting


70x110 cm   (tar on cardboard)   1500




Volcano / Eruption - tar painting

Volcans / Eruption 1 (Volcano / Eruption n1)

39x59 cm   (tar -and red earth?- on cardboard)  290




Volcano n2 - Fabienne Quinsac - Painting with tar

Volcan 2 (Volcano n2)

38x58 cm   (tar -and red earth?- on cardboard)   320




Chalky landscape

Paysage crayeux (Chalky landscape)

60x80 cm   (tar and acrylic on cardboard)

(private collection)




Pink rocks - Painting by French contemporary artist Fabienne Quinsac

Roches roses (Pink Rocks)

40x50 cm   (tar and acrylic on panel)   450




Ice / Winter - mixed technique

Glace / Hivernal (Ice / Winter)

80x40 cm   (tar and acrylic on panel)




Roots - informal painting

Racines (Roots)

34x112   (tar and acrylic on panel)   1100