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Acrylic paintings - Planets and hellfires

Marine Constructions

Planets & Hellfires

Red & Black

Black Series


Grey & Red

Days of Snow

The Aprons




Pinks masts - watercolor - marine art

Terrestrial Architectures

Marine Art



tar paintings

The Remnants

Colored Tar

Bubbling Blues



French painter Fabienne Quinsac's curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet

How a painting evolves



The Monochromes

acrylic on canvas,
from late 2012 to August 2013



These are the very last paintings by Fabienne Quinsac. One or two of them were finished just hours before her sudden passing. That day, the paintings titled Rupture (Break-up) and Incertitude / Absence (Uncertainty / Absence) were drying on easels. Fabienne was cutting wood next to her studio when she had a stroke.

Fabienne Quinsac had explored a similar artistic path at the end of the "red and black period", with expanses of shades of black enhanced by touches of red.

But, at that time, she could not go further, from a psychological and almost physical point of view. "If I go further, I kill myself", she said. Well, she didn't, and turned to new experiments.

But 2012 proved to be a very harsh year. Her sister died. Then she began to lose sight, with doctors telling her she would probably become blind in a few months (they proved to be wrong: Fabienne found a treatment in Switzerland). And her father's health was rapidly declining.

In spite of this situation, or maybe thanks to it, Fabienne found the strength to cross the barrier she previously preferred to circumvent, as if she was facing her ultimate inner truth. Compared to her sparest works so far, the white and greyish shades replace black, and black replaces red. And, this time, you really wonder which path Fabienne would have taken after this primal, barren step into the white landscapes of the most intimate creation.

However, a close look sometimes reveals a very light blue in Incertitude/Absence (Uncertainty/Absence), some yellow in La Toile blanche (The White Canvas), some red in Imbrication 1 (Interlock n1), Espace 7 (Space n7), Espace 8 (Space n8). This outlines this talent of our own: telling a lot with the most simple means.

Fabienne died just outside her studio on August 30th, 2013, three months after her father.



Space n7

Espace 7 (Space n7)

40x40 cm   (private collection)





Interlock n1

Imbrications 1 (Interlock n1)

40x40 cm    500





The White Canvas

La toile blanche (The White Canvas)

80x100 cm   (private collection)





Space n8

Espace 8

40x40 cm   500





Incertitude / Absence - Monochrome de Fabienne Quinsac

Incertitude / Absence

(Uncertainty / Absence)

80x100 cm   (private collection)






Rupture (Break-up)

150x100 cm   3000

This painting, that was on an easel when Fabienne passed away, might be unfinished. It is not signed. And there is a title written on the back, but upside down in relation to the mounting system. It is also the biggest single work painted by Fabienne -only the triptych Collision is larger.