Fabienne Quinsac
informal painting









Acrylic paintings - Planets and hellfires

Marine Constructions

Planets & Hellfires

Red & Black

Black Series


Grey & Red

Days of Snow

The Aprons




Pinks masts - watercolor - marine art

Terrestrial Architectures

Marine Art



tar paintings

The Remnants

Colored Tar

Bubbling Blues



French painter Fabienne Quinsac's curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet

How a painting evolves


along the Loire River (France)

Fabienne Quinsac looking at the Loire River, in front of her house in Saint-Ay, a small town near Orléans (France)


The curiosity cabinet


Fabienne Quinsac took her work very seriously, but not herself. She always preferred to exhibit her paintings in small places with friends rather than alone in a gallery. She would even give paintings to people that came to exhibitions or art fairs and liked her work but had no money to buy art.

Fabienne could explore the greatest depths of her mind and intimacy, but also liked to play with her need to create. In fact, she considered there was no way to create but  in permanent experimentation. Once she had created a particularly accomplished work, rather than repeating it over and over to sell more, she usually changed her style all of a sudden and started to experiment again. Colors, materials and shapes paved the road of her pictorial adventures.

This is how she gave birth to unsightly characters looking like elves of fairy tales in watercolor paintings for her grandchildren; or miniatures painted on pebbles found on the banks of the Loire River; or sculptures made half from wood, half from flotsam and jetsam (see here - beware: this page is in French); or unexpected paintings emerging in a homogeneous series.



Danse macabre

Danse macabre (Dance of Death)
acrylic on panel   1000€




Flight to Varennes - painting

Fuite à Varennes (Flight to Varennes)

116x81 cm   acrylc on carboard   1400€

The Flight to Varennes is a famous episode in the French history that takes place in 1791, two years after the French Revolution: king Louis XVI and queen Marie Antoinette try to flee the country to organize a counter-revolution from outside, but they are recognized and arrested.




Aeolus - Eole

Eole (Aeolus)

Try to find where Aeolus is hiding in this painting!




untitled acrylic on canvas

30x30 cm   acrylic on canvas   200€





GRAVITATION - a painting signed in two opposite corners !

41x46 cm   2009   acrylic on canvas   380€

This is a peculiar work: Fabienne signed it in the upper left corner and in the down right corner.

Click here to watch it in both ways at the same time.




60x80 cm   acrylic on canvas   500€

White and grey shades: this must be a painting from late 2012 or from 2013, the year when Fabienne Quinsac passed away. She had been going through difficult times, and her very last series, the Monochromes, were really barren as the artist was recklessly confronting herself.

Still, she found the resources to play with her art. Perhaps it was her way to take a deep breath before diving again in personal exploration.




Red Tape (Paperasse)

Paperasses (Red Tape)
73x92 cm   acrylic on canvas   1100€




untitled diptych with tar and acrylic paint

untitled diptych

86x62 cm   mixed technique (tar and acrylic)   900€




watch this painting upside down!


29x48 cm   mixed technique   350€

This unsigned and untitled painting might give an example of what Fabienne herself would often do after she started to work on a new painting: turn it upside dow or on one side to find further inspiration or see what she had not seen while painting.

Well, you can play the same game: either click on the painting to enlarge it, or click here and chose the way you like it most!









Cluasme - Chleuasme

Watercolor on cardboard

Fabienne wrote  "Métamorphose cluasmatique" on the down left corner as a kind of title. But the word "cluasmatique" doesn't exist in French. Maybe she meant "chleuasme", a rhetorical figure that resort to false modesty to get praised by other people.





Japanese landscape

Paysage japonais
(Japanese Landscape)
30x60 cm   2009
Mixed technique   350€




A family - waterclor

Above: Une famille
(A Family)
Below: Gnomes (unfinished)
Watercolors painted at the end of the 2000's

gnomes - unfinished




Miniatures on pebbles

Miniatures on painted pebbles from the Loire River banks (mid-2000's)

Painted pebbles



Voiles / Sails

Voiles (Sails)
mixed technique
(acrylic and tar)
 2003 (?)




Frontview (above) and backview (below) of an untitled sculpture made from recovered wood, maybe in 2006.




airbrush and watercolor

untitled   45x60 cm
airbrush and watercolor
early 1990's   200€




Trompe l'oeil locomotive

A trompe l'oeil scenery (work in progress) created in the 1990's for an International Chrysanthemum Fair at the floral park in Orléans-La Source.





A very short series of tar paintings with only four works.


Bales burning

Feu de ballots
(Bales burning) 

50x70 cm   200€




Feu Zao (Zao's Fire)
50x70 cm

This is one of three paintings Fabienne Quinsac titled as an homage to Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-ki along with Montagne de Za Wou-Ki and Rouge Zao Wou-Ki.





Another series with acrylic and flotsam and jetsam...

Peinture en rouleau de Fabienne Quinsac




Fabienne Quinsac dans son atelier de peintre

Fabienne Quinsac in her studio, in 2009.




The very beginning


The church of Sainte-Agnès

L'église de Sainte-Agnès
(The church of Sainte-Agnès)

30x40 cm   end of the 1960's

Fabienne especially liked this ancient and medieval village (the highest coastal village in Europe) where her parents had bought a tiny house in the 1950's. At an altitude of more than 700 m, it is only 2,5 km away from the Mediterranean Sea, and a valley away from the border with Italy.

This is where Fabienne got married in 1969 and where she often went on holidays with her two kids in the 1970's. Later on, Fabienne still kept going back to Sainte-Agnès in spring to find serenity and to paint and walk in the mountain.

Two artists and friends of her still live there : master glass maker Frédéric Pélissier and abstract painter Mauricette Berton.




Sainte-Agnès village

Vue du village de Sainte-Agnès depuis la route de Peille
(View of the village of Sainte-Agnès from the road to Peille)

40x40 cm   end of the 1960's




collage with wallpaper

Collage with wallpaper
(early 1970's)




Fabienne Quinsac - exposition 1962 - Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Fabienne Quinsac (second from the left),
at her first collective exhibition in 1962
in Villeneuve-sur-Lot.




Study in perspective

Study in perspective (1960s)