Fabienne Quinsac
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Acrylic paintings - Planets and hellfires

Marine Constructions

Planets & Hellfires

Red & Black

Black Series


Grey & Red

Days of Snow

The Aprons




Pinks masts - watercolor - marine art

Terrestrial Architectures

Marine Art



tar paintings

The Remnants

Colored Tar

Bubbling Blues



French painter Fabienne Quinsac's curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet

How a painting evolves


A world were figuration and abstraction go side by side



Morcellement - acrylique sur toile - Fabienne Quinsac

Morcellement (Subdivision)
acrylic on canvas, 81x100 cm (private collection)


Fabienne Quinsac's works is influenced by her clasical culture, which leads her toward rigorous constructions, even when the main theme is dreamlike. From a few elements that are partly shown, she tries to evoke in such a way that the mind improvises its path in a world where figuration and abstraction go side by side.


A former art teacher, Fabienne Quinsac never hesitates to break the rules of classical technics of watercolor, deleting colors then adding new ones and erasing them again, agonizing the papers she paints on -not the ones that are usually choosen for watercolor.


Light is her main concern. Colors are often muted and in a color range that remains willingly limited to create the illusion of a wash painting.


Fabienne works on watercolor, acrylic and tar with the same freedom. To her, a trully personnal expression means daring to experiment but remaining alert to the material and its ability to take us on its own way.

This text was written by Fabienne Quinsac
for her personnal blog in 2010.